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The setting up of the performance in public and private venues with intimate atmosphere

(parlors, big apartments, gardens, museums etc.) is considered the play’s specific.

It’s said that places talk the stories of the people who have been there…
Invite “FreeDA” to pass by..
…and leave its mark…

ZAGREB (Galery Velvet, Dežmanova 9, 10000 Zagreb):



TICKETS can be bought: in cash at the entrance before the performance starts, by direct payment on organization’s bank account (the buyer has to  bring the printed payment proof)

RESERVATIONS are valid up to three days before the performance (performance
day included). For tickets replacement please contact us a day before the

Individual: 70 kn
Group of ten and more persons: 60 kn


Artistic non-profite organization “SOBA2”
Magazinska cesta 27
10000 Zagreb
IBAN: HR152360000-1102434588
OIB: 50972752062


 VISITING PERFORMANCES (Out of Zagreb, Croatia):
Artistic non-profit organization “SOBA2” DOES NOT sell the tickets, but the organizator.

+385 97 647 2720

Intervencija Duško Šibl

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