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Nera Stipičević


Author/Actress/Executive Producer



THINKING DIFFERENTLY from the majority doesn’t “NECESSARILY” mean not to be right!
Working against yourself to fit in already defined frames of defined shelves of
defined forms…”NECESSARILY” means NOT to be right.
The FEAR can be the brake.
But the Brake is not NECESSARILY an obstacle!


And How can you be happy?
-You LISTEN to yourself…!!!

 …and to Your TEAM!:)

And then…?



Mia Biondić


Author/Director/Artistic Producer


I joined the project as a friend, started as a directress and ended up as an artistic producer of the whole story that strategically afterwards started developing itself.
Beside the fact that the project consists of three components, our team is made of three of us, and number three is a very interesting number! In our case, a very lucky one!


Photo by Marko Grubišić

Photo by Marko Grubišić

Photo by S.Janđel

Photo by S.Janđel

Petar Cvirn


No matter I work as an actor or in this project as an producer, every new project that I work on, brings its own challenges. This project is for sure one with the biggest challenges. There has been a lot of work invested in this project, and, as the projects develops and grows, we
work more and more… Sometimes our small team is confronting different obstacles but with mutual strengths we deal with all of them successfully!

In the spirit of challenges, obstacles and overcoming barriers, a long and joyful voyage is in front of us!.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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